Gigha Steinman Moldrik ~ Certified Equine Appraiser

Gigha is a nationally certified equine appraiser, and has been accredited by the American Society of Equine Appraisers (ASEA) since May 21, 1999.  She specializes in appraisals of dressage horses, sport horses, Warmbloods, Friesian Sporthorses, and Friesian crossbreds.

Appraisals are most commonly requested for:
- insurance purposes (the majority of appraisals are for insurance purposes)
- donation purposes  (some donations are tax deductible)
- buying or selling a horse
- to establish the value of a horse for legal purposes (divorce, bankruptcy, etc)
- personal curiousity

An appraisal will provide you with a report including the "fair market value" of the horse, as well as a breakdown of the factors contributing to that value.  To date, none of Gigha's appraisals have ever been challenged.

For more information, or to schedule an appraisal,
contact Gigha via telephone at (386) 717-0852 or email:

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