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"Born to Breed"
by Gigha Steinman
Is your colt a stallion prospect?
Discusses the decision making behind deciding to keep a
colt as a stallion prospect and some of the
challenges you may face.
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine.
"In Utero - an INteresting Option"
by Gigha Steinman
Discusses the ins and outs of buying and selling foals in-utero.
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine.
"Beauty and Biomechanics Can Work Together"
by Gigha Steinman
A comprehensive report on the 2014 USDF Sport Horse seminar. 
Includes conformation analysis and judging methodology.
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine.
"Improving the Bottom Line for Small Breeders"
by Gigha Steinman
The challenges facing small breeders,
and ideas to help small breeders succeed!
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine.
A basic overview of what to expect as your mare foals,
and in the first few hours after foaling.
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Horse Breeder Articles & Resources
"Still Fearful of Frozen?"
by Gigha Steinman
How popular has this breeding method become?
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine Jan/Feb 2015
"Breeding for COLOR"
by Gigha Steinman
The ins and out of breeding for pintos and dilutes
(palomino, buckskin, smoky black.)
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine and Florida Sporthorse magazine
"Stress-Free Weaning: Is It Possible?"
by Gigha Steinman
Advice and methods for weaning foals.
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine November/December 2014
"DNA Tests Answer Certain Questions"
by Gigha Steinman
DNA Testing is becoming more and more common,
but many people still don't really understand how it works.
Learn about the value of DNA testing, and also the limitations.
Appeared in Warmbloods Today magazine