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"Quality, not Quantity"

River Oaks Farm is a small scale breeding operation, believing in quality, not quantity. 
We are proud breeders and promoters of the Friesian Sporthorse, and stand our own very successful Elite Book Grand Prix dressage Friesian Sporthorse stallion  Lexington (Approved for Breeding with the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA)). We're located in Seville, Florida.

In addition to our Friesian Sporthorse stallion Lexington, we have also carefully selected a few Friesian Sporthorse and Warmblood mares for our own breeding program, which is focused exclusively on breeding true Friesian Sporthorses.  As part of our dedication to quality, every horse we produce is eligible for registration with the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA).

We realize the mare is as important as the stallion, and we were very selective in choosing our broodmares.  Each of these mares was chosen for their movement, conformation, temperament, pedigree, and potential to produce top quality Friesian Sporthorse foals.  Our diligence in pairing quality mares with quality Approved Friesian Sporthorse and Warmblood stallions is one of the things which makes our breeding program stand out.  Our unwavering commitment to quality, combined with our dedication to the promotion of the Friesian Sporthorse, has made River Oaks Farm one of the most respected Friesian Sporthorse breeding programs in the country. 

Our first Friesian Sporthorse foal was born in 2007.  Since then our breeding program has consistently produced quality foals, including inspection site Champions, Elite Book foals, four consecutive National Champion Friesian Sporthorse foals by our stallion Lexington (Lancaster ROF, 2010, Lily ROF, 2011,  Lauderdale ROF, 2012, and Lisbon ROF, 2013), and the first Friesian Sporthorse to qualify for the USDF/DSHB Regional Championships (which she went on to win, against some very well bred Warmbloods.)  In 2013 another of our foals, Lisbon ROF by Lexington, qualified for the USDF/DSHB Regional Championships, where she went on to be named the Reserve Champion "Foals of 2013".  Lisbon ROF was also the 2013 USDF DSHB All-Breed National Champion "Fillies of 2013".  In 2014 Lily ROF was again victorious at the USDF/DSHB Regional Championships, this time as the Champion 3 year old mare.

In 2012 we were thrilled when our homebred gelding Lauderdale ROF, by Lexington, earned the highest score ever awarded to a Friesian Sporthorse at inspection -- and incredible 89.1%  

To date, we've produced seven Friesian Sporthorses which have won FSA National Year-End Awards, two Friesian Sporthorses which have won USDF DSHB Breeder's Championships Region III Champion / Reserve Champion (one won in 2011 and again in 2014), two Friesian Sporthorses who've won USDF National Year-End All-Breeds Awards, one Friesian Sporthorse who qualified for and competed at the USEA Eventing Championships, and  four Friesian Sporthorses which have been featured in magazine articles in prominent magazines.  In 2012 our own stallion Lexington was featured on the cover of Warmbloods Today magazine. Our homebred mare Lexa ROF, by Lexington, earned her Star predicate
in 2015 with a score of 80.98%.

In 2015 Laiken ROF was born.  DNA testing verified her buckskin color, and she became the first fully papered, Main Book buckskin Friesian Sporthorse in the USA.  Her sire is our stallion Lexington, and her dam is a cremello German Warmblood mare by the GOV (Oldenburg) approved FEI dressage stallion 'Blue Eyed Dream', who sadly died that same year.

  Lennox ROF, the first ROF foals to have reached riding age, began competing at Training Level on the highly competitive Florida circuit in 2013.  He finished the competition year with a USDF national year-end average of 73.54%.  This awesome year-end average earned him a national ranking of 25th for USDF Horse of the Year at Training Level and also made him the 2013 USDF All-Breeds FSA National Champion at Training Level.  In 2014 the next Lexington offspring hit the show ring -- Lancaster ROF -- scoring to 77% in the 4YO Young Horse classes and earning the title of 2014 USDF All-Breeds FSA National Champion 4-Year-Old.  As more of our foals become old enough to begin their under saddle competition careers, we look forward to adding updates of their continued successes with their proud owners! 

Over the years we've made some great friends and sold our horses to some fantastic people.  We look forward to many, many more great years, and watching Friesian Sporthorses continue to grow in popularity.  Thank you to our many wonderful friends and clients who've believed in our program along the way.  If you're new to the breed or have any questions about Friesian Sporthorses, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All of our foals are fully eligible for registration with the Friesian Sporthorse Association.
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To learn more about the Friesian Sporthorse, we highly recommend visiting the
Friesian Sporthorse Association's website, some helpful links are available above.
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