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Willoughby, Lochinvar, Perias, Esprit, Oceanna, Rudiger, Cordelano, Harbinger, Unique, more
Lexington (show photos, schooling photos, photos at liberty)
Charleston (candid photos, show photos, foal photo, article, etc.)
cute cat & kitten photos
Foal Photos (Lennox ROF, Baltic ROF, Boca ROF, Americus ROF, Lauderdale ROF, Laguna ROF, Cordelano)
G Walkabout (show photos, schooling photos, inspection photos)
Laguna ROF (Lexington x Miramar) foaled 5/18/09
around the farm... (farm scenes, deer, turkey, sandhill crane chicks, etc.)
Misc. Horses
Foal Photos
G Walkabout
Cats & Kittens
Americus ROF (random candid photos, foal photos, etc.)
Americus ROF ("Spot")
Laguna ROF ("Belle")
around the farm...
Friesian Sporthorse
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