Collection / Shipping
We take Lexington to have his semen professionally collected, handled, packed, and shipped, to ensure the semen you receive is only of the highest quality for the best results in insemination and conception.  Because of this you can be assured you'll have the best chances possible of impregnating your mare from the very first shipment of our semen, which actually saves you time and money in the long run.   We prefer and recommend Equitainers (believed to be the best containers available for shipping semen.)  Clients are not, however, required to use an Equitainer -- we have shipping boxes available as well. 

We ship only quality semen
Lexington has his semen evaluated every year, and again at every collection, to ensure quality semen with a high sperm count and motility.  Quality semen combined with professional collection, handling, and packaging helps to ensure your breeding success.  Lexington is EVA tested annually. 

Conception Rates
In 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2008 every mare bred to Lexington became pregnant from just one collection/ shipment of semen.  In 2009, one mare was bred on her foal heat and didn't become pregnant, but became pregnant on the second shipment.  In 2011, one mare had a hemorrhagic follicle and required two collections to become pregnant.  In 2014 one older (late teens) open mare required two inseminations.  Every other mare bred to Lexington has become pregnant from just one semen collection/shipment.  (And one time in 2009, two mares were bred from one shipment, and both became pregnant!)
Lexington has very good chilled/shipped semen....

Semen request / Shipping Protocol
Mare Owners are asked to contact us by 12 noon the day prior to when semen will need to be collected/shipped.  (All times are Eastern Standard.)  If we are given less notice than this we will try our best to be accomodating, but cannot always guarantee this, and there are additional fees for late orders.  The more the Mare Owner is able to keep us informed as to the mare's cycle and anticipated approximate expected time frame for when the semen will be needed, the easier it will be for us to meet the needs of the Mare Owner.  There is no such thing as "too much information", and Mare Owners are welcomed and encouraged to stay in touch with us as breeding time approaches.
Late order fees:  Semen orders received after 12 noon, but prior to 5PM will be charged an additional $25. Orders made after 5 PM will be charged an additional $75.  We cannot guarantee we will be able to accomodate late orders, although we will do our best.
Cancellation fees: Semen orders cancelled on the day of collection/shipment will be charged $75 if cancelled before the stallion has been collected, and will be charged the full collection/shipment fee if cancelled after the stallion has already been collected. 
To order semen:  Please telephone (386) 717-0852, and leave a message with your name, the mare's name, the shipping address, which stallion you are breeding to, and what day you would like the semen collected/shipped.  You may also text your semen request with the same information (same telephone number.)  A follow up email with the same information is also greatly appreciated.  ALL MONIES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE SEMEN WILL BE COLLECTED/SHIPPED.

Insemination Verification Form
Mare owners will receive a simple one page "Insemination Verification Form", which must be filled out by the licensed veterinarian doing the insemination.  This form will then be returned to us, to be kept in our files for later issuing a breeding certificate for breed registration papers.

Pregnancy Confirmation Form
Mare owners will receive a simple one page "Pregnancy Confirmation Form", to be filled out and returned to us after the mare has been confirmed in foal.

Stallion Breeding Contracts
Please contact us, and we will be happy to mail you a copy of the Stallion Breeding Contract, or you may use the link at the bottom of this page and print your own.

We make every effort to be available for semen collection/shipping five days a week.  We do, however, have a few dates when the stallions will be unavailable because they are competing.  It is our primary goal to make sure that each mare becomes pregnant, and that each Mare Owner is satisfied, please don't hesistate to contact us with any questions.  The dates when the stallions will be unavailable are listed on our website (subject to change), see link below.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!
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