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Horse Breeder Articles & Resources
Breeding season will be from
April 15, 2020 thru June 15, 2020.


This deal has a shortened breeding season and no live foal guarantee,
but it is also a fraction of the cost of Lexington's
normal stud fee of $1450 + booking.

Semen will be collected and handled professionally by Dr. Mary Beth Stanton / Equine Veterinary Reproduction Specialists of Ocala.
Collections/shipping will be arranged and paid directly thru
Dr. Stanton. / 352-425-6270

Once we (River Oaks Farm) have received your breeding fees amd Breeding Application we will forward your name and the name of your mare to Dr. Stanton and you will have permission for unlimited collections (for that mare) for the duration of the breeding season. All monies due for collection and shipping will be paid to Dr. Stanton.

2020 Special Pricing:
If paid before March 15th: $425
If paid between March 15th and April 1st: $475
If paid after April 10th: $525
(For your convenience you may pay using the PayPal buttons.
A $5 PayPal fee will be included.)

All foals are eligible for registration with the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA). Breeding fee INCLUDES REGISTRATION with the FSA if registered in 2021 (a $60 value.) You will only be responsible for the costs of DNA testing ($45.)
(Lexington's DNA is on file with the FSA, for parentage verification.
DNA testing will be required to verify parentage.)

ALL Friesian, Friesian Sporthorse, and Friesian Cross mares must
provide proof of a double negative (N/N) DNA test for dwarfism.
If you have not already had this testing done, you can have it done thru
UC Davis or thru the Friesian Sporthorse Association.
The cost of the test is only $40.

or (386) 717-0852


photos and information about foals by Lexington
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Lexington Offspring
Lexington's webpage